Cha- 80/3, Shadhinota Sarani (Progati Sarani), Uttar Badda, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

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Nephrology Department of AMZ Hospital is a leading provider of services for patients with different kinds of kidney diseases, including the diagnosis, dialysis services through Dialysis unit. The department works closely with other specialties including Urologist, Cardiologists, Endocrinologists, Pharmacists, nurses and dietitians to deliver standard care to kidney patients.

Our Nephrologists are highly skilled, nationally recognized experts in the diagnosis and management of both inherited and acquired kidney (renal) diseases. Whether you have a rare disorder or a common kidney disease, our mission is to provide you with the best care.

We Offer:

  • Advanced diagnostic testing: We provide state-of-the art diagnostic testing, including specialized kidney imaging, advanced genetic testing, kidney (renal) biopsy testing expert biopsy evaluation and reporting.
  • Treating kidney disease: We offer highly specialized, interdisciplinary care for patients with chronic kidney disease, polycystic kidney disease, hypertensive renal disease, diabetic nephropathy, glomerulonephritis, kidney stones, urinary tract infection, electrolyte and acid-base disorders, and end-stage kidney disease.
  • Robust dialysis services: When dialysis becomes necessary we provide convenient, state-of-the-art dialysis services and specialists who will help you manage your day-to-day life.
  • Geriatric kidney services: For older people with kidney diseases, we offer comprehensive care to the patient.
  • Renal Transplant Unit.

Inclusive Care of Dialysis Unit:

  • Specialist and skilled nurses
  • 24-hour emergency dialysis services
  • Haemodialysis machines and also dedicated machines for HBsAg +ve and HCV +ve patients.
  • SLED (Sustained Low-Efficiency Dialysis) machine for slow dialysis at slower rate for haemodynamically unstable patients.
  • CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy) dialysis machine for critically ill and haemodynamically unstable patients.