The Medicine Department of AMZ Hospital highlights the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of nonsurgical conditions in adults. We have best medicine doctor in Dhaka.
The department provides a wide range of high-quality cross-specialty health care services, including physical examinations, preventive screenings and immunizations, urgent care for medical conditions, and referrals to surgical specialists when appropriate through our best medicine doctors in Dhaka.

Experienced and skilled for correct diagnosis and proper medical non-surgical treatment of adults in wide range of conditions affecting the internal organs of the body:
  • Trained to recognize and manage a broad range of chronic and multiple disorders also with the aging population
  • Specially qualified to solve puzzling diagnostic problems like fever of unknown origin, drug reaction & allergy, unexplained weakness etc.
  • Demonstrated success in treatment of seasonal disease and outbreak like typhoid fever, dengue, influenza, etc.
  • Efficient in handling severe chronic illnesses and situations where several different diseases may strike at the same time
  • Expert counseling and treatment to bring to patients an understanding of wellness for disease prevention and the promotion of healthy lifestyle