AMZ Hospital, North Badda offers precision treatment and surgery for all diseases of Brain, Spine and Nerves by renowned specialist doctors in Department of Neuro Medicine & Neuro Surgery.

All the operations that are done in the Neurosurgery Department.

  1. Plid and cervical disc prolapse
  2. Atlanto axial dislocation (aad)
  3. Spinal tumor and brain tumor
  4. Aneurysm clipping
  5. Avm excision, avm embolization & epilepsy surgery
  6. All brain & spinal surgery using microscope
  7. Brain tumor operation through the nostril with camera without inosion

All the neuro operations that are done through blood vessels without incisions in the neuro intervention department.

  1. A brain and spinal cord angiogram (DSA) is done
  2. ID thrombolysis and mechanical thrombectomy in the treatment of hyperacute stroke
  3. Angioplasty and stenting, Aneurysm coiling and AVM fistula embolization in non-cranial neuro interventional treatment.
  4. Different types of neuro interventional treatments without cutting the skull

Other important treatments in Neurology Department:

  1. Headache, dizziness and tremors in hands, legs and head
  2. Numbness and paralysis
  3. Convulsions, or epilepsy and sudden fainting
  4. Neck and back pain and spinal pain
  5. Sciatica, disc prolapse, arthritis and muscle wasting
  6. Numbness of hands and feet, loss of strength in hands and feet
  7. Insomnia, depression, mental retardation and dementia (forgetfulness).
  8. Walking problems of physically and mentally challenged and elderly
  9. Balance problems in adults and walking problems in children.

Our department is capable of doing various therapeutic interventions as well as neurological interventional procedure.