Pediatrics refers to the medical care of newborns, children and adolescents. AMZ Hospital has a diverse and committed team of neonatal-intensive-care Specialists and Pediatricians with other subspecialty interests including management of allergies, cardiac and respiratory problems, nephrology, haemato-oncology, immunological, gastroenterology, and neurology problems in children and adolescents up to 16 years of age. We have a nursery, a neo-natal-intensive care unit and a pediatric-intensive-care unit to care for our patients in a safe and comforting environment.
Pediatric services are strengthened by the 24/7 availability of fully qualified Pediatricians available to tackle any kind of emergencies, diagnosis and treatment services. Our children friendly nursing staffs are well-trained to take care of sick children, administer medications and assist the doctors during procedures specific to Pediatrics.
Range of Services:

  • Children walk-in Clinic.
  • Consultative Second Opinion Service.
  • Childhood Vaccination and Health Screening.
  • Developmental Screening.
  • Coordinated complex sub-specialty Consultations.