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Welcome to AMZ Hypospadias Center

Fully organized center for all types of hypospadias patient. Pre-designed service protocol for every patient. Skilled manpower (integrated & incorporated surgical team). Wel-equipped operation theater. Children friendly decent & well-furnished Chamber complex (OPD). Patients profile and Data are preserved(computerized). Affordable different Packages for all classes of people. Full time pediatric surgeons service. Special care and considerations for failed and Re-Do cases. Incorporation of other faculties (whenever needed). Maintenance of follow up schedule. Financial support for poor patients. Besides complete management of all ranges of hypospadias surgery we provide emergency and routine solution for different types of pediatric surgical condition like hernia, hydrocele, appendicitis, Undescended testis, Hirschsprung disease (HPD), Anorectal malformation (ARM), Hemangioma and so on.